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Euphoria Scene

Michigan Clip: Howard Throws A Punch

Chef Blow Up Scene

Pop Warner Communication Fail

Nascar Pit Crew

Old School: Keep Our Composure

Dr. Jim Loehr: The Goldman Dilemma

Sue Enquist: Perception is the Assistant Coach to Reality

The Other Christmas Gift

Typical Parent vs. Voice of Reason

John Mayer: Unwanted Visitors

Facebook Whistleblower on Angry Content

Sara Blakely: Redefining Failure

Illusion of ‘Willing Yourself to Win’

Austin’s Butterfly

Dear Basketball

Justin Tucker Takes Accountability

Biggest Fan vs. Biggest Critic

Dawn Staley: Connect With Others

Brené Brown: Living Bravely

Overcoming Adversity: Paralympic Athlete

Will Smith: You’ve Got to Commit

Trust Your Habits

Sam Mewis: On Building Confidence

Brad Stevens: How to Build Confidence

Patriots Super Bowl Comeback

Box Jumping Fear

Basketball Inspiration

Kobe on Building Habits

Baby Bear Fights Up Mountain

Serena Williams: The One to Beat

Mark Cuban: Importance of Learning

Ray Allen: On Losing

Girl Power

Maintaining a Positive Attitude

Saban’s Challenge of Excellence

Warrior Players Coach Game

Nick Saban: Do Your Job

Kobe Bryant: Leadership

Playing Time

The Importance of Buying In

Saban on Team Leader’s

Keep On Carrying

I Hated My Medal

Damian Lillard: Be Accountable

Tim Tebow’s Promise

Obama: Be Present

Contribute or Contaminate

Death Crawl

Chinese Bamboo Tree

Star Spangled Save

Saban on Toughness

Run Your Race

Whiplash: Two Harmful Words

Ellen: Love Will Win


Like A Golf Ball


Anson Dorrance: 2 Reasons

Popovich on Duncan


July vs. February

Jim Carrey: This Is Huge

Mary Wise

Sherri Coale

Dr. Jim Loehr

Tim Walton

Jack Clark

JC Deacon

Sue Enquist

John Smith

Heather & PJ Fleck

Battle at Kruger

Inside Look At Kevin Durant

Kobe Bryant’s Mentality

3 Kinds of Players

Michael Jordan: Switching Teams

Biggest mistake you made as a young coach?

- Tom Izzo -

Why do people struggle with being coachable?

- Bill Self -

Cubs Mentality

0 to 13

Recruiting Steph Curry

Strong Voice: Patriots

Strong Voice / Weak Voice

Building Your Inner Coach

When you do home visits for recruiting, what’s something you look for?

- Mike Gundy -

What’s your philosophy on punishment?

- Brad Stevens -

What’s the difference between the “Off-Season You” and the “In-Season You?”

- Sherri Coale -

What’d you learn your rookie year?

- Blake Griffin -

What was your biggest struggle in high school?

- Gordon Hayward -

What was the best team-building exercise?

- Bill Self -

What was the best team-building exercise?

- Frank Martin -

What do you struggle with now…that you wish you would have learned earlier?

- Klay Thompson -

What are your thoughts on having team captains?

- Billy Donovan -

What are three things that you look for in practice?

- Mike Gundy -

If you’re going to continue to do your job, what can’t bother you?

- Geno Auriemma -

How does the best player affect a team?

- Billy Donovan -

How do you teach discipline?

- Sue Enquist -

What was Coach K’s first pregame speech?

- Jay Bilas -

Do you teach with questions?

- Mike Brey -

What are the 3 kinds of players?

- Don Meyer -

Why is it hard to evaluate talent?

- Daniel Coyle -

How do you diffuse common enemy bonds?

- Becky Burleigh -

Best activity you do with coaches?

- Marvin Berkowitz -

What’s a good strategy to develop leadership?

- Brenda Frese -

What’s the best advice that you would give to a younger player?

- Kyrie Irving -

What do you think of this line: “You can tell a lot by what a coach praises.”

- Geno Auriemma -

What can’t bother you?

- Brad Stevens -

How do you use adverse experiences to teach accountability?

- Billy Donovan -

How did you get your first job?

- Buzz Williams -

How do you identify if someone is coachable?

- Monte Williams -

How do you handle a losing streak?

- Brad Stevens -

How did struggle help you?

- Tamika Catchings -

Growing up, how did you spend your time in the off-season?

- Kevin Durant -

Can good players overcome bad coaching?

- Geno Auriemma -

Tom Brady

What are two questions a parent can ask to see if they’re too involved?

- Carol Dweck -

Social Conformity

What makes a good teacher?

- Sherri Coale -

How do you teach accountability?

- John Calipari -

Where does the next-play mentality come from?

- Geno Auriemma -

Can anyone be a leader?

- Mike Krzyzewski -

Respect: Earned not Given

Life Long Learner

What’s something everyone should have?

- Jay Williams -

First practice watching Manchester United – what did you notice?

- Bill Beswick -

What’s your philosophy on accountability?

- Anson Dorrance -

How do you create buy-in?

- Mike Krzyzewski -

Do you coach effort and execution differently?

- Becky Burleigh -

Who was your best teammate and why?

- Deandre Jordan -

What do the best in the world have in common?

- Daniel Coyle -

How do you manage your players’ expectations?

- Billy Donovan -

Skating with persistence and resilience

Can you illustrate the power of purpose?

- Jim Loehr -