What Drives Winning Environments Course

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This course is designed to prepare students to build and manage an environment in which their team and staff can “do their best work.” The course platforms student to (a) explore and create systems that define team/organizational standards and expectations, (b) identify and manage “above the line” and “below the line” behaviors as they impact the team/organizational environment, and (c) model team/organizational standards and expectations as the leader.

Purpose of the Course

What Drives Winning Environments is designed to be a hands-on/real-world course that will give students the tools to identify and define standards for the environment they lead. Through practice and feedback, students will design effective and creative ways to teach the standards they choose as foundational to the environments they lead. Through critical thinking and research on coaching and coaching pedagogy, students will develop strategies to recognize and reinforce above-the-line behavior, recognize and manage below-the-line behavior, and learn and practice leadership strategies that center on influence as opposed to power. Students will also learn the importance of modeling the behaviors they wish to see in their environment and put into place auditing systems to ensure their own ability to do so.