What Drives Winning Course

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This course will be built around answering the question: “Can you take character development into the paid-to-win world of athletics and/or high performance?” Focusing on the development of the person first can help mitigate the pressures and collateral damage of high performance. This course will focus on the fundamentals of character development on the individual level and repurposing the sport experience to create a Person>Player environment.

Purpose of the Course

What Drives Winning is designed to be a hands-on/real-world course that will give students the tools to create a person-first environment. Discussions will be based around understanding performance and relational character skills. Through practice and feedback, students will design effective ways to repurpose the sport experience to teach character. Through critical thinking and research on coaching and coaching pedagogy, students will develop strategies to integrate character-based coaching into the daily schedule of a sports team by creating a roadmap of activities. This class will also focus on the collection and development of relatable assets that will be the beginning of a character development program.


• Develop ability to identify what gets in the way of you/your player being at your/their best.
• Learn about Character Skills and how to leverage growing them for high performance.
• Create your own Character Development Playbook.