7-25-21 Discussions

In this session, we discuss preparing for Becky’s new position as interim head coach for the Orlando Pride, the importance of what you keep in your windshield and navigating relationships

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  • Discussion 1: Becky’s first day with the Orlando Pride
    – Brett & Becky share about their first meeting in Orlando
    – The mid-season questions they’ll ask the team to get started
  • Discussion 2: How has your relationship with your sport changed?
    – Reference video from our 2019 Conference: 2nd Visit – FAMILY
    – We hear the mature perspectives of two 15-year-old athletes
  • Discussion 3: The messages in our windshields
    – Visible examples of coach glorification
    – What are coaches communicating with their actions?
  • Discussion 4: Coaching, marriage & relationships
    – When do you stick it out and when do you grow apart?