11-7-21 Discussions

In this session, Brett and Becky lead a Q&A session that explores a range of important issues.

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  • Discussion 1: Zack Sheets: Senior Letters
  • Discussion 2: Zack Sheets: How do you de-escalate emotional responses?
  • Discussion 3: Lisa Fortier: How do you keep small fires small?
  • Discussion 4: Craig Hill: How do you handle a coach who’s furious before curious?
  • Discussion 5: Aidan Doughty: How do you adapt to changes and not lose sight of your beliefs?
  • Discussion 6: Mike Stevens: How do you balance pushing athletes and having fun?
  • Discussion 7: Jan Dowling: How do I give best energy to my team but also enjoy being a new mom?
  • Discussion 8: John Srofe: How do you navigate when players leave because they don’t trust you can win?
  • Discussion 9: Scott Prysystas: How do I choose team captains?