1. Overview WDWE


The Overview Module will provide students with a foundation for synthesizing the lessons and introspective questions around which the Environments course was designed. The supplemental readings and videos for Module 1 focus on character and behavior, and should provide students with examples of frames or perspectives that support depth in analysis and development of unit activities.


1. Describe your motivations on becoming a leader/coach
2. Discern with clarity the differences between above and below-the-line behavior
3. Interpret and apply the role of a coach in social behaviors on teams
4. Understand the difference between character development and behavior management
5. Analyze why both character development and behavior management are important in coaching/leadership
6. Evaluate what role coaches/leaders play in creating an environment where people can do their best work


Insights from the Field

Check out this bonus interview with Jeremy Foley, former Athletic Director of the University of Florida.