April Bonus Session

Bonus Discussion

Q & A with author, Brett Ledbetter

Questions & Time Codes:

0:30 – “I had the best team I’ve ever had this year, but we didn’t win. What do I do next to refresh?” -Stefani
3:15 – Video: Drop the Salt
8:40 – Video: What Chris Petersen asked his wife after retiring
10:30 – “I have an internal leadership issue, how would you go about managing that?” -Chad
13:40 – Video: Social Conformity
20:10 – “How can we bring about better self-awareness with our student athletes?” -Josh
25:50 – “What common threads do you see that run through all the great coaches you work with?” -Ryan
27:27 – Video: Tim Corbin on Intangibles
32:30 – “Where do I start to teach to be motivated by contribution (purpose)?” -Brian
40:40 – “When managing my team, at what point do I know if I’m over-correcting?” -Eric
43:40 – “I’m merging three teams together, how do I build a strong culture?” -John
48:10 – “What was your most powerful team rebuild technique?” – Darby